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    High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) is a minimally invasive, outpatient procedure for men diagnosed with localized prostate cancer...
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    For further questions about High Intensity Focused Ultrasound with the Sonablate® 500 please contact the Can-Am HIFU team...
  • What is HIFU and Sonablate® HIFU?
    The Sonablate® 500 (Sonablate) is a medical device designed to treat prostate cancer with HIFU energy. The Sonablate captures real-time images of the prostate gland, allowing the physician to create a customized treatment plan for each patient...

    Sonablate Clinical Trial Information
    There are currently two different types of clinical trials being conducted in the to determine the safety and efficacy of a minimally invasive prostate cancer treatment using high intensity focused ultrasound, also known as HIFU, with the Sonablate® 500...

    HIFU Device for Prostate Cancer Comparisons
    Sonablate® 500 vs. Albatherm®.

    Myth VS Truth about HIFU

    The truths of HIFU vs the "hear say".

    Tissue Change Monitoring Information (TCM)

    TCM works by sending a radiofrequency (RF) signal to the treatment site prior to the delivery of HIFU...

    Frequently Asked Questions About Sonablate®500
    What is the history of HIFU and how long has it been done?
    Does HIFU only treat the cancerous cells or does it ablate the entire prostate?...
    Can HIFU be used to effectively treat only a small part of the prostate? FOCAL THERAPY?
    If the entire prostate is treated, does that include the urethra? What happens to the uretha? is it damaged?
    What information do you need from me prior to scheduling treatment? 
    When is the next available treatment date? 
    How long do I have to stay in the treatment location? 
    Is the Procedure covered by OHIP or other Provincial Health Plans?
    American Patients
    May I speak with a HIFU doctor or patient about the procedure and their experience? 
  • How HIFU Works
    In order to understand the basic concept of how HIFU works an analogy can be drawn between HIFU burning prostate tissue and sun rays entering a magnifying glass to burn a leaf...

    Why Choose Sonablate®500
    All HIFU devices are not Equal. HIFU is being used around the world to treat all types of soft tissue diseases, although some of the most extensive research has been for the treatment of localized prostate cancer...

    Focal Therapy Treatment
    The goal of Focal Therapy is to preserve as much non-cancerous tissue as possible to reduce or avoid unnecessary adverse effects to quality of life...
  • Clinical Data and Information
    A list of publications and presentations highlight clinical results and research on Sonablate HIFU for prostate cancer.
  • Treatment Results
    Due to the precision and flexibility of Sonablate® 500 HIFU, patients with their physician can decide on a customized treatment plan tailored to their prostate cancer diagnosis. On this page is a summary of the different levels of customization and their clinical results...
  • Treatment Dates
    Calendar of upcoming treatments and Doctor provided information.
  • Physician Training Information and Registration Form
    Can-Am HIFU is happy to continue its principles of offering complete physician training including proctorship and mentoring.  Regular training workshops are conducted for physicians interested in the newest developments in prostate cancer treatment with high intensity focused ultrasound and Sonablate® 500...
  • Privacy
    This page is a description (“Notice”) of the privacy practices (“Privacy Policy”) Can-Am HIFU as those practices relate to “protected health information.” This Notice also describes the rights of individuals whose protected health information is maintained byCan-Am HIFU pursuant to the Privacy Policy...
  • Our Disclaimer
    The Sonablate® 500 has been approved for use in Canada since 2005 for the treatment of prostate cancer...
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