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HIFU Physician Training and Proctorship

Can-Am HIFU is happy to continue its principles of offering complete physician training including proctorship and mentoring.  Regular training workshops are conducted for physicians interested in the newest developments in prostate cancer treatment with high intensity focused ultrasound and Sonablate® 500.

Our workshops are designed to educate physicians through peer-to-peer interaction, simulation and observation, thus equipping them with the needed skills to offer Sonablate HIFU to interested patients.


  • Review the history of HIFU
  • Understand the basic science and physics of HIFU
  • Understand Sonablate HIFU technology
  • Review and understand the importance of ultrasound
  • Review, simulate, and observe a HIFU procedure
  • Understand HIFU clinical results and data
  • Understand patient selection criteria
  • Review how to incorporate HIFU into your current practice


  • Observe a HIFU procedure
  • Learn to educate patients about HIFU as a treatment option
  • Know how Sonablate HIFU may add to your practice

Advanced HIFU Training and Proctorship Program

Once a physician has completed a HIFU training workshop they may wish to further their expertise in minimally invasive therapy for prostate cancer. Can-Am HIFU now offers advanced physician training and proctorship in HIFU for full gland ablation and focal therapy.



Workshops are conducted regularly.

There is no fee to participate in the HIFU training workshop which includes all course materials, case observations, and some meals.  Attendees are responsible for all travel expenses.

If you would like to attend a HIFU training workshop please call 1-877-787-5906 or complete the below form.
If using the below form, once the form has been processed, a member of the Can-AmHIFU team will contact you to choose the appropriate training session and time.

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