Sonablate vs Ablatherm: HIFU Device Comparison


Sonablate® 500



Requires TURP*

* TURP stands for “transurethral resection of prostate”. It is an invasive surgical procedure with risk of complications, excessive blood loss, infection, painful urination, and 4-6 weeks recovery.


Can treat up to a 40cc prostate without invasive surgery prior to HIFU


Requires a transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP) with prostates larger than 24cc

Image Quality Real-time and reference images give immediate feedback for maximum performance. Images are in 3D for better detail and easier planning
  • No 3D imaging available
  • Does not use reference images during treatment
Nerve Detection During treatment planning, blood flow around nerves is identified with color overlay on real-time images thus protecting nerves responsible for preserving potency Not capable of identifying or monitoring blood flow through neurovascular bundles resulting in a higher statistical incidence of erectile dysfunction, reported as high as 66%
The Probe Small probe may be positioned for optimal outcomes and controlled by physician for maximum patient comfort A larger diameter probe* is fixed on the treatment table and not directly controlled by the physician
Power Adjustment Features dynamic power adjustment to compensate for tissue response to the sound waves Three pre-set power levels which can not be adjusted to tissue response
Precision 12mm lesions are so precise in the focal zone that the physician can pinpoint an area without damaging surrounding tissue 19-24mm lesions could miss some prostatic tissue and increase the chance for a recurrence of the cancer
Safety Features
  • Reflexivity Index Measure alerts physician to patient movement
  • Rectal wall monitoring
  • Sonachill system circulates chilled water to protect delicate tissue outside the focal zone
  • Energy display provides immediate feedback on effectiveness of treatment
  • External motion detection
  • Refrigerated / temperature controlled gel to keep rectal wall temperature down
  • No energy display to provide immediate feedback during HIFU on effectiveness.

Tissue Change Monitoring (TCM)

TCM offers real-time feedback of HIFU therapy by measuring immediate tissue response

Yes No
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